Volume 1 Death Toll

This isn’t an actual part of the novel, but I thought it could be fun doing this due to the very morbid nature of this series.

Some omissions/inclusions might be debatable (and maybe using people from the past is a bit cheating?) but I’m not going to count each and every character here.

Obviously, contains spoilers for Volume 1.

New characters introduced:

Colio, Hamyuts, Shiron, Cigal, Mattalast, Mirepoc, Relia, Lascall, Ia, Wyzaf, Cartohelo, Hyoue, Luimon, Ireia, Innkeeper.

Characters who died:

Colio, Shiron, Cigal, Relia, Wyzaf, Cartohelo, Hyoue, Luimon, Innkeeper.

Volume 1 Death Toll: 60%

Total Death Toll: 60%

Now we shall wait and see how this changes in the following volumes…

Also, to not end on a too sour note, have a picture of OTP.

(Credit goes to 前嶋重機(マエシバ)of Pixiv)

Volume 1 Death Toll

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