What’s next…

Now that Volume 1 is finished, what’s going to happen next?

First, I’d like to say this was quite fun and challenging. To those who were reading (and maybe now that an entire volume is done more will come?), hope you enjoyed.

I’ll start preparing a PDF. I’ll go through the whole thing again, probably fix a lot and maybe even change some romanizations/term. If you found some typos or whatever, now would be the time to say so.

Regardless of that, I’ll start posting Volume 2 very soon. Even if not many people are going to read this novel, I still want to work on it.

However, bear in mind that the reason for the translation speed until now was because I had a lot of (probably too much) spare time. This is going to change soon, though I’m not sure to what an extent. However, I will try to maintain some sort of schedule and I hope to have releases at the very least once a week. We’ll see how it goes.

See you soon.

What’s next…

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