Tatakau Shisho to Ikazuchi no Gusha

Fighting Librarians and the Fool of Lightning (Volume 2)

Written by Yamagata Ishio, illustrated by Shigeki Maeshima.


Someone attacks the Armed Librarians’ headquarters – Bantorra Library – and furthermore the Book of Luimon, the Armed Librarian who died in a previous incident, was stolen while in transit. Armed Librarian trainee Noloty is given the mission to retrieve it. As she keeps her desperate search, Hamyuts appears in front of her and gives her another top-secret mission. That mission is to protect Zatoh, a man who possesses “transparent hair”… Who exactly is this Zatoh? What is Hamyuts’s goal?

The long-awaited second installment of the grand fantasy revolving around Books.


Prologue: The Golden Monster – Link

Chapter 1: The Transparent Man, the Hitting Girl – Part 1 | 2

Chapter 2: First Past — Ship’s Bottom – Part 1 | 2

Chapter 3: The Self-Cutting Man, the Unkilling Fist – Part 1 | 2

Chapter 4: Second Past — Lightning – Part 1 | 2

Chapter 5: The Self-Reproaching Soul, the Sacred Eyes – Part 1 | 2

Chapter 6: Final Past — Slaughter – Part 1 | 2

Chapter 7: The Girl’s Folly, the Undying Monster – Link

Final Chapter: The Swamp of Souls, the Memory of a Smile – Part 1 | 2

Fragment: The Real Monster – Link

Afterword – Link

Downloads – pdf | epub


Tatakau Shisho to Ikazuchi no Gusha

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