Chapter 6: Final Past — Slaughter – Part 2

The battle between the two began as the moon ascended.


After Boramot shouted, the two began activating their abilities at the same time.

Both of them had offensive abilities that were far above their defenses. Enlike’s expectations that the match would be over immediately were betrayed right at the very beginning.

Just as the lightning hit, Sasari moved back. After it struck the sand in vain, Enlike’s entire body was bombarded by water bullets. He was blown away and rolled on the sand.


He groaned. Sasari then pursued him again.

If he were to concentrate his attacks on one spot, Sasari could penetrate Enlike’s body. But he didn’t choose to do so. Rather than creating an opening by using a single blow, he instead opted for the more reliable consecutive hits. He shot the small water bullets in an extensive perimeter. It was like an absurdly powerful spray. Enlike couldn’t evade it. He could only cower on the ground while enduring those attacks down to his bones.

At the instant he would try standing up all of his bones would break and it would be his end. While keeping himself in the minimal space of bombardment, Enlike kept looking for a chance to counterattack.

When the bullets grazed him they tore his skin, and when they hit they cracked his bones. Enlike tried retreating while crawling on the sand.


Boramot’s cry reached Enlike’s ears. Was he surprised or was he pleased?

“Why, are you, so quiet, Enlike!”

Sasari shouted and kept attacking. While calmly keeping a steady distance from Enlike, he slowly started to corner him. He always stayed out of reach for Enlike’s lightning attack.

Enlike kept looking for some breakthrough. But there was nothing he could do right now. He could hear his bones cracking. Even from afar it was obvious that they were breaking. Clenching his teeth, Enlike waited for some chance to counterattack.

“Sasari! That’s enough. Finish him off!”

Boramot could be heard shouting this. I got it, thought Enlike. When Sasari will make a bold move to settle the match, if Enlike could avoid that, a chance will come.

“Shut up!”

However, Sasari roared in anger as a response.


“This is my fight, don’t open your mouth!”

Enlike mentally clicked his tongue. Sasari was alert. There was no gap for a counterattack.

This one-sided battle lasted for about a minute. For Enlike, who could only receive the attacks without doing anything, it was an endlessly long minute.

And just as he was about to lose all of his fighting spirit…

The turning point had arrived.

The moon became hidden by the clouds, and the surroundings were wrapped in darkness.

Among the people around, only Enlike noticed that this was the turning point.

He moved.

Enlike shot out a lightning strike, tearing through the darkness. It wasn’t aimed for Sasari who was standing farther back. It was aimed to his right where there was nothing.

Five meters ahead to Enlike’s right, light and dust rose up.


Sasari lost sight of Enlike in the sudden darkness for just an instant.

And then there was sudden lightning. Reflexively, Sasari aimed his attack there. The water bullets penetrated the dust and flew into the darkness in vain.

With that opening, the outcome was decided. Enlike ran atop the sand to the left as if drawing a semicircle. Noticing his error, Sasari corrected the path of his attack. However, to aim for Enlike, who was running in an arc, a bit of time was required.

“Oh s-”

Sasari retreated. However, he was too slow. Enlike slightly closed the gap.

Lightning shot with his entire body’s strength blended with the water bullets.

Inside the roar resounding on the beach,


Did he mishear such a murmur?

The two were hit by the interlaced attacks. They both fell atop the sand at the same time.

The water bullets blew Enlike away, and the lightning annihilated Sasari.

“I won…?”

Enlike muttered.

Their strength was even. If this was during the day, or on a cloudless moonlit night, Enlike would have lost.

“…So you survived, Enlike.”

Boramot, looking at him from the side, said so while approaching.

“This should be a good cure for your slacking lately. Regret this and keep doing your best for Ganbanzel-sama like before.”

Enlike tried raising his wounded body. His feet wouldn’t listen to him. Boramot said something, but he couldn’t hear it well.

“But you having trouble with that level of opponent… Enlike?”

His feet couldn’t move. He fell forward.


Enlike lost his consciousness after hearing Boramot’s voice from afar.

When he opened his eyes, he saw he was inside Boramot’s cabin. He had been laid on a blanket spread on the floor. His body was wrapped by bandages all around.

Boramot couldn’t be seen anywhere, but instead Qumola was there.

“Why are you here?”

“Boramot-san brought me here.”

He looked outside the window. It was already evening. Enlike was surprised to think he had been sleeping for more than half a day.

“Where’s Boramot?”

“He was here just now, but went out to supervise everyone’s Magic Deliberation.”

Qumola explained indifferently. Enlike felt something unnatural in her tone of voice. He recalled that Sasari said Qumola hates him.

“Enlike-san, I need to apply your medicine, so show me your back.”

Qumola said and closed on Enlike.

“I don’t think I really hurt my back.”

“You simply haven’t noticed it. Come on.”

Enlike turned around his back to her. Qumola put her hand on it.


Enlike softly said then.

“What are you going to do with that knife?”

He could feel that Qumola’s body had stopped with a start.  He turned around again and looked up at her.

She held a small knife in her hand and looked down at Enlike.


The two of them were completely frozen for a while. Enlike barely managed to say a word.

“Put that knife away. You’ll get killed.”

Qumola pulled a sheath out from her pocket and returned the knife inside.

“Do you hate me that much?”

There was no answer.

Qumola firmly puckered her lips and stared at Enlike with eyes full of hatred. There was no trace of the usual cowardice on her face. From her behavior, he could understand that this was no trick of his imagination.

“Enlike-san. This is the fifth one.”


“Every time even a single person dies, I become so sad I want to die myself.

Did you know that I keep resisting my desire to die, see another person die again, become sad, and want to die again, Enlike-san?

I gradually became unable to tell whether I am living or not. My heart is steadily dying along with them. Do you understand my feelings? Enlike-san.”

“I don’t.”

“Is that so? That’s because you love killing so much.”

Qumola kept talking.

“Five people have died already. I have also died five times. Hey, isn’t that unfair? Can’t you die just once?”

Qumola hit Enlike with violent words that he never heard before.

He wanted to tell her he was sorry, to forgive him, to apologize to her. But he couldn’t. Enlike couldn’t act any other way. Because if he were to apologize at all, it would have to be about that fact that he was still alive.

“Did you enjoy? Killing them, that is. Did everyone dying made you feel good, Enlike-san?”


“Is killing that much fun? If it’s that much fun, then you should just kill me, Boramot, Ganbanzel and everyone else and get it over with!!!”

Qumola kept spitting words of resentment while crying.

It was unbearably sad.

“…I don’t want to.”

Enlike said.


“I don’t want to kill anymore.”

He muttered.

“I just kill, and kill, and don’t enjoy it at all. I never did, even once.”


“We were taught that killing is enjoyable. I also thought it was supposed to be so. But I’m…”

Enlike’s words stopped there. He couldn’t utter a continuation.


Qumola laughed. Pulling at her face, she laughed in a broken voice.

“Why are you… telling me… such a cruel… thing now…”

“I wanted to smile. That was all I wanted.”

Qumola stopped laughing and began crying.

“Why are you telling me this now…”

She kept crying while saying this.

Enlike didn’t have any reply. He raised his wounded body, supported himself on the wall and went outside.

“What’s wrong, Enlike? What are you doing like this?”

After he walked around as if crawling, he found Boramot. He came running to Enlike. He tried assisting him and was surprised seeing his expression.

Enlike was crying.

“…Enlike. Why are you crying?”

“Boramot. Let’s stop.”


“Boramot, stop this, I can’t do it anymore.”

Boramot struck his cheek.

“What are you trying to do, bastard?!”

Enlike fell down listlessly. Boramot then jeered at him.

“Can’t do it? Are you kidding me! Do you think you’re allowed to?!”


“Shut up!”

Boramot kicked Enlike’s body.

“…What did that mouse do to you?”

Muttering this, he walked towards his cabin in quick steps.

“Enlike, I misjudged you.”

While spitting that parting remark at him, Boramot went away.


Enlike raised his body and wobbled forward.

“Where should I go…”

He muttered. After using up his strength by coming to the beach, he collapsed.

After this, things happened the unconscious Enlike was not aware of.

Boramot returned to the cabin and kicked the door open. Qumola wasn’t there anymore. He picked up a bottle of liquor, drank one sip and threw it on the floor.

“Damn it!”

He spat out.

In the end even Enlike is broken. I shouldn’t have let Sasari die. The rest are hopeless trash.

There’s probably no longer any chance of producing a monster on this island.

But I’m not the one at fault. It’s all because of those piece of shit Meats. If we just had a few more Meats, I’m sure creating a monster would have been possible.

There was something wrong with Ganbanzel’s orders to begin with. No matter how many Meats will be taught Magic, they couldn’t possibly defeat Hamyuts Meseta.

“I shouldn’t have followed Ganbanzel-sama. Following him wouldn’t get me to Heaven. Cigal-sama would be much better.”

Boramot kicked the bottles of alcohol at his feet.

And at that moment, he heard a voice inside his head. One of Ganbanzel’s protégés was a Magician who could use Thought Sharing.

‘We haven’t spoken in a long time, Boramot.’

Ganbanzel’s voice resounded. Boramot instinctively stood at attention.

‘Your health is far more important.’

‘Enough with the greetings, you fool.’

Ganbanzel sent an angry thought. Boramot felt ashamed.

‘So, what about Enlike? And also the one called Sasari. They’re making good progress, right?’

‘No, err, they’re both no good.’

‘…Ho. What do you mean?’

‘Sasari wasn’t good material. And Enlike has fallen for a girl.’

‘So, what are you going to do, Boramot?’

‘They’re both hopeless Meats. With all due respect, no matter how much I try with them, there is nothing I can do.’


Ganbanzel thought for a while.

‘…You are incompetent.’

Boramot felt a shiver run up his spine. If Ganbanzel were to abandon him, everything will be over. He will become as worthless as a Meat. If he couldn’t do something, he will surely just become a Meat.

‘Ganbanzel-sama, please reconsider. I am…’

‘Good grief, it seems I was not blessed with good subordinates. The only one working properly is Enlike.’

‘Ganbanzel-sama, Ganbanzel-sama!’

The Thought Sharing was cut off. With a pale face, Boramot drank more liquor.

Why did it turn out like this? Boramot thought with a drunken mind.

And he started running – towards the caverns on the cliff where the Meats were.

“Get Qumola out!”

Boramot shouted. Qumola was the source of everything. That mouse seduced Enlike and broke him. If she wasn’t there, everything would have gone well.

“Didn’t you hear me? Bring out Qumola!”

Qumola showed herself from the cave and Boramot invoked his Magic. His clothes stretched forward, attempting to kill by twisting her body.

Just as she raised a small shriek, a figure collided with Boramot. It was Kayas.

Kayas knocked him down with a ramming attack, and then shouted towards his friends inside the caves.

“Qumola, run away! Everyone, hold Boramot down!”

“You, bastard…”

Clothes wrapped around Kayas’s body and began twisting. The squeezed body fell on the ground with a thud.


Qumola shouted. At the same time, the group that came out of the caves all attacked Boramot at the same time. There was a whip that moved while disregarding the laws of physics, a chop with a hand that was sharper than a sword, a sword created using hardened sand – everyone attacked Boramot while freely using their abilities.

“You’re in the way, bastards!”

Boramot’s clothes spread far, repelled their attacks and captured them.

A single band grabbed Qumola’s foot. And just as it tried breaking her bones,


Help came. Kayas, who was supposedly crushed to death earlier, helped Qumola tear off the clothes.

Kayas’s ability was super regeneration. He was immortal as long as he still had some signs of life.

“Qumola, come with me!”

Kayas lifted Qumola and started running.

“Wait, Kayas!”

Boramot tried chasing them. However, their friends all blocked his path.


Voices could be heard from the distance. Enlike, who was lying atop the sand, opened his eyes.

Something was happening at the caves area. Enlike grimaced due to the sharp pain he felt while trying to raise his body.


Just as he murmured this, he could hear a voice inside his head. There was no way he could have forgotten it. It was Ganbanzel’s voice.

‘It has been a long time, Enlike. This is the power known as Thought Sharing. Stay silent and listen to me.’


‘Enlike. I heard that you have been abandoned by Boramot.’

Enlike recalled Boramot’s angered expression. He was probably abandoned then.

‘Boramot is an absolutely incompetent man. He denied your feelings, turned you into a heartless killing machine, and thought he could make a monster like that. I can’t understand him at all.

What was it I said? I said that killing was wishing for the supreme pleasure. Think back to Hamyuts Meseta. The one who abides his feelings by fighting and killing is a monster.’

But, Enlike thought, I don’t enjoy fighting at all.

‘Enlike, rethink this one more time. Who is the one who pained you? Who is the one who hurt you? Don’t you want to erase those who stand in your way, those who are unneeded? It will be enjoyable for sure.

Isn’t this the only thing left for you to do?’

While dragging his aching body, Enlike slowly rose up.


Boramot was running. His body was wounded and his clothes were torn off here and there. He chased after Qumola who went farther ahead behind the caves and into the forest.

His feet stopped. Kayas stood in his way.

“Where did Qumola go?”

“As if I’d tell you, you piece of shit.”

“Then, after I’ll kill you I’ll carefully search for her.”

His clothes, which were lessened by the all the tears, spread towards Kayas. Kayas fought back by trying to tear them off.

“Did everyone die?”

Kayas asked.

“Of course!”

Boramot answered. Kayas clenched his teeth in chagrin and faced Boramot.

When Enlike got his wounded body there, the fight had already ended.

The exhausted Boramot sat down and Kayas’s body lay scattered to pieces.

Enlike didn’t think of him as his friend, but seeing him dead like this made him feel a slight pang of loneliness in his chest. However, those were temporary feelings. They soon disappeared like a flake of snow and he forgot about them.

“Enlike, I’ll give you a final chance, you bastard. Find Qumola who is hiding somewhere and kill her.”

Boramot said haughtily. Seeing him like this was extremely unpleasant.

Enlike turned his palm towards Boramot.


Boramot looked at that palm without understanding what was happening. His expression stayed like that all the way until his brain was fried by Enlike’s lightning.


Enlike barely dragged his aching body as he looked for Qumola. Before long, the morning sun faintly peeked from the sky. He found her pushing her petite body inside a thicket.

“Qumola, you can come out now.”

“Enlike-san? Why are you…”

“…It’s over.”

“What’s over?”

Qumola timidly exited the thicket and ran past Enlike’s side.

Immediately afterwards, Enlike could hear her screams and cries. That crying voice, that felt as if it shaved off his very life, made his heart ache.

Enlike thought to himself – Qumola will probably never smile again. Because she has no-one left.

“Everything… Just torments me…”

Enlike kept walking while muttering this.

“Once I kill it becomes easy.”

The fact that Qumola was crying. The fact that he killed her friends. The fact that he made her suffer and she was suffering. All of those were sad and painful.

Therefore I’ll kill her, Enlike thought. I’ll erase it all, he thought.

He turned his palm to Qumola’s back.

If he were to kill Qumola, he would surely become a monster this time. He will become a monster and forget everything except fighting and killing.

He wanted to smile. And in order to grant that wish, he had no other choice.

A single bolt of lightning struck her petite body. Qumola fell to the ground too quickly, as if she was a doll.

Chapter 6: Final Past — Slaughter – Part 2

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