Volume 2 Afterword

Hello everyone, this is Yamagata Ishio.

I was able to safely deliver to you the second installment, “Tatakau Shisho to Ikazuchi no Gusha”. To those of you who have already read it, and those that are going to read it now, I hope you will enjoy it.


After the publication of my previous work “Tatakau Shisho to Koisuru Bakudan”, I have received the impressions, encouragement and criticism of a lot of people. I am grateful for receiving each and every word. Among those, many people have asked me whether the story from the previous afterword about me setting up a desk inside the bathroom was true. I’m pretty good at lying to get some laughs, but this was true. Thank you all.


I shaved my head the other day. For a while, as my hair was split halfway in the middle, it became a so-called Otaku haircut, and as it felt annoying, I decided to try cutting it. It felt much like taking off a heavy coat at the beginning of spring, or perhaps more like loitering around with a towel after taking a bath; a truly liberating feeling.

Mentally, the thing known as hair seems to play the role of separating you from the outside world, so getting rid of even a small bit of it might give you a positive mood.

Visually, I look like some monk who escaped his training in the middle or a salary man prostrating himself on the ground after making a huge blunder at work, but since I’m a person who doesn’t expect much from his outward appearance, it’s not a big deal.


Also, it seems that the insulation of hair is more effective than normally thought of. I caught a cold two days after having my haircut and was sick in bed for five days. Let’s all take good care of ourselves.


Finally, this time I am also much obliged towards many people. Maeshima-sama the illustrator, the Editor-in-Chief and the editorial department, those in charge of proofreading and design, and all those I am grateful towards, please allow me to thank you even if briefly.

And, to those who have gotten this book. I hope you will take good care of me from hereafter.

Let us meet again in my next work. Until then.


Yamagata Ishio

Volume 2 Afterword

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