Volume 3 Death Toll

It’s time.

Spoilers etc.

New characters introduced:

Mokkania, Renas (real), Renas (fake), Winkeny, Locolo, Feekie, Overseer of Paradise.

Characters who died:

Mokkania, Renas (real), Winkeny, Locolo, Feekie.

Volume 3 Death Toll: 71%

Total Death Toll: 65%

Aah, now this is the bloodbath we have all been waiting for (?). Let’s see what happens from now on. It’s Mirepoc’s turn to shine next!


Also, I shall ask for your forgiveness – I’ve prioritized translation over editing, so I didn’t make much progress in the compliation of Volume 2 for PDF/EPUB form. I hope I will get to it soon!


Finally, have some Mokkania.

(Credit goes to おきつね of Pixiv)

Volume 3 Death Toll

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