Chapter 3: Memories of Heaven – Part 4

Alme wasn’t demoted to a Meat. The Overseer of Paradise decided this.

After leaving Cigal’s side, Alme became sorrowed.

Why did Cigal-sama discard me? Am I missing something?

“Are you still yearning for Cigal?”

Winkeny asked her when they met again.

“Of course.”

Alme answered.

“I think I’ve said it before, but I frankly don’t like Cigal-sama. I think he doesn’t possess the heart that people should have.”

“So what.”

“I think that you’d better forget about him already.”

She stared at Winkeny with hatred.

“What do you even understand? He is a noble being. I’m the only one able to understand this.”

“You just want to believe that.”

“…What do you understand.”

Alme clenched her teeth. She thought of killing that man.

“I’m uneasy. You are far too single-minded. You don’t move according to your selfish desires like other False Men.

As you adore Cigal-sama, I feel like you’re going to end up doing something irreversible.”


Alme had no reply.

“Even if you chase after Cigal-sama’s vestiges you will gain nothing.”

“…That can’t be.”

Winkeny looked away from Alme and lowered his gaze.

“No, trying to persuade you is pointless.

We’re too single-minded to the point that we look foolish to each other.

Although our ways of thinking will never fit, that single-mindedness was probably the reason we became friends.”


Afterward, Cigal died and Alme began her revenge. She tricked Winkeny, betrayed the Indulging God Cult and even challenged the Armed Librarians.

Just as Winkeny said, she was armed with just her single-mindedness as a weapon.

After that, Alme started thinking.

Perhaps Winkeny knew of her underlying motives. Perhaps he knew and even assisted her.

She couldn’t tell by now, but she also couldn’t turn back anymore.


A knock resounded on the room Mattalast left. Mirepoc raised her face.

“Come in.”

A bellboy came inside. He held an envelope.

“A delivery.”

“From who?”

“They didn’t give their name.”

I’d like a little more security, thought Mirepoc. After all, the enemies are ones to use such things as bombs and pathogens.

Mirepoc received the package. She trying touching it but it felt like nothing other than paper. She boldly opened it.

Inside were two old-looking pieces of paper. The following had been written in dirty letters that could barely be deciphered:

“I was wrong. Maybe Zackie is dead. I wonder how Olt is doing. Those who pursue Lascall die. There are no exceptions. Both Armed Librarians and the Indulging God Cult, there are no exceptions.”

Affixed to this memo was another piece of paper. It was new.

“This was Parney Parlmanta’s last note.”

Mirepoc dashed out of her room and caught the bellboy who went down the stairs.

“Who brought this?”

“A man who appeared to be around sixty.”

“Is he still in the hotel?”

“No, he left immediately.”

Mirepoc looked out the window. She found a man walking in a fast pace among the sparse figures down the street.

She held the hem of her skirt and jumped down. Her feet numbed by the impact on the ground.

“Please wait!”

She called at the leaving man. The man stopped for a second and started running away. Mirepoc chased after him. As far as she could see from the fleeing man’s back, he was a normal person. She soon caught up to him.

Mirepoc stood in the man’s way. She knew him. He was Moodly, the man involved in Parney’s incident.

“What’s that?”

Moodly diverted his eyes from Mirepoc and tried finding a way to escape. When he gave up, he started talking in a low voice.

“That is Parney Parlmanta’s last note. I found it a long time ago.”

“Did you conceal it until now?”

Moodly nodded. Mirepoc took one step closer.

“Please tell me the reason you’ve concealed in until now and brought it out now.”

She said and got closer.

“…Give me a break. I don’t want to be killed.”


“It should’ve been written in there. Those who pursue Lascall Othello die.

I don’t want to turn out like Parney. So I hid it.

Since you came here, I thought leaving it to you would be fine.”

“Do you really believe that all those who pursue Lascall Othello die?”

“Because it is so. It’s written there.”

Mirepoc sighed.

“Moodly-san. That is a misunderstanding. There’s no way that everyone who pursues Lascall dies.”


“I know a guy called Kalon. He at least is still alive. There’s also me and you.”

“Even so, you can’t know. We might be erased someday.”

Moodly stiffly shook his head. Mirepoc decided to give up.

“…Please. Just leave me alone. I have nothing to do with this anymore.”

“Understood. I won’t go after you.”

Moodly turned his back and went away. Finally, he turned around and said,

“You’re also probably considerably strong. You’re an Armed Librarian after all. But you’ll understand if you come face to face with him. No-one can be compared with the guy I met that day. He truly is in a different league.”

Who are you talking about? Mirepoc thought that she would probably not receive an answer to that.


After seeing Moodly off, she returned to the hotel and looked at the note again.

“I was wrong. Maybe Zackie is dead. I wonder how Olt is doing. Those who pursue Lascall die. There are no exceptions. Both Armed Librarians and the Indulging God Cult, there are no exceptions.”

Were those Zackie and Olt her allies? She had to investigate this later.

“All those who pursue Lascall die, even Armed Librarians and the Indulging God Cult without any exceptions, huh…”

It was a strange way of writing. Was Lascall Othello a confidential topic for the Indulging God Cult as well?

Also, it was ridiculous to have no exceptions.

Practically it couldn’t be so, right? She was alive. Mattalast was also alive. Kalon and Moodly were also alive. It certainly seemed like the rusty woman aimed for their lives, but that was all. That was a far cry from “dying without exception”.


However, Mirepoc felt uneasy. Was that truly all?

She thought of the people who pursued Lascall so far.

First there was Haiza. He was killed by the Director. But that shouldn’t have been related to Lascall Othello.

What about the other Armed Librarians? Mirepoc sent her thoughts to Mattalast.

‘Mattalast-san. Who investigated Lascall Othello after Haiza?’

Mattalast thought for a while and then answered.

‘Mostly Feekiee and Ireia-san.’

Feekiee died during the battle against Mokkania. Ireia had her time stopped ever since the end of the fight. In front of her statue they left a notice saying that “Mokkania had been defeated”.

There was also Mokkania. Perhaps he could be said to be pursuing after Lascall as well based on the result.

Mirepoc felt a shiver run up her spine.

It wasn’t just the Armed Librarians. There were also Winkeny and Locolo of the Indulging God Cult. They could also be thought as dying for trying to pursue Lascall Othello.

And finally, there was Parney Parlmanta.

All of them have lost their lives. Those who pursue Lascall die. It was just like that.

Or rather, those who remained alive were few.

“…It’s just a coincidence.”

Mirepoc muttered aloud. It was irrelevant to their deaths anyway.

Haiza had been punished because he was corrupt.

Feekiee died because of his own mistake. Mokkania was defeated by the Director.

Ireia was still alive. She should be resurrected before long.

As for Winkeny and Locolo, it was obvious the Armed Librarians would defeat them.

However… what if they were all a part of Lascall Othello’s plans? What if he controlled everything from the shadows, inciting them to die?


No-one could do such a thing. There’s no way he could have made Haiza betray them or Feekiee look down on Mokkania and make a mistake.

The only one capable of doing that would be one who controls fate, a god-like being. No, someone above god.

“There’s no way.”

It was a coincidence. All of it.

At that moment, she heard a sound coming from the back.


Mirepoc stood up and turned around. However, it was only the window moved by the wind.


During that time, Mattalast waited in the night-time city. Standing on the rooftop of the city’s highest building, the wind made the hem of his suit flutter. His gaze was directed to the entire city. From the never-ending human traffic even at night, he looked for a single person.

He was looking for the rusty woman.

For the time being, Mirepoc wouldn’t arrive at Lascall Othello’s identity. However, he didn’t know how she would act from now on. He mustn’t allow her to find the truth about Lascall Othello. It was fine for just him and Hamyuts to know it.

Mattalast took his gun and set it on his left arm. However, while he found a woman that looked like the rusty woman, she was another person.

“…That rusty woman… just more trouble for us.”

Initially, he was going to turn Mirepoc away from this city. He made her meet with Kalon so she would think Lascall Othello was nothing more than a legend. He would make Mirepoc return and take care of everything himself. That was his plan.

The rusty woman had upset that plan.

Her existence made everything more complex. He had to make her disappear as soon as possible.

His strained eyes became blurred. Mattalast was tired. Normally he wouldn’t be tired if he stayed up all night even a week or ten days, but this time was different.

At that moment, he found the rusty woman.

She was walking alone at a location far away from the building.

He was lucky. His location was probably beyond her range.

The distance was roughly 900 meters. Her range was probably about 800 meters.

Mattalast took out his guns.

Rather than using the rifle for sniping, he chose his pistols and used his naked eye.

For a normal person it would unmistakably be an impossible distance. Even for a gunner who acquired Magic it would almost be impossible. However, Mattalast was different.

Making full use of his Prediction ability, he looked for the moment he would hit after two seconds. When he will predict the moment of a hit he would fire. No matter how small the possibility for him to hit is, as long as there was a chance, he would definitely hit.

Using his Prediction ability, he got the vision of a hit. Mattalast applied strength to his finger on the trigger that was supported by his left arm.

However, at that same moment he made another Prediction. A bullet would come flying from behind the moment he shot.

While shooting, he pointed one pistol at his back. He shot twice. He couldn’t predict as far as hitting the enemy behind. He was just shooting for intimidation.

Without checking the enemy at his back, he looked at the rusty woman.

He missed. Without even looking back, the rusty woman ran away.

Should he defeat the enemy behind him or pursue the rusty woman? It was obvious. He had to chase after the rusty woman. If he’ll let her escape there will be no next time.

He left the enemy behind. Kicking at the rooftop, Mattalast jumped into the night sky.


Alme was running away. She made a blunder. She was too focused within the range of her Sensory Threads that she didn’t look beyond it.

That the first bullet missed her was close to a miracle. She wouldn’t possibly be able to defend against a second shot.

To escape from Mattalast’s field of vision, she entered a cramped alley and ran with her body low. If she enters Mattalast’s sight for even a second it will all be over.


Mattalast entered the range of her Sensory Threads. The distance between them was getting shortened. She had to escape or hide herself. She hid in a corner of a garbage dump.


At present she was at her wits’ end. No, she had no ways of defeating Mattalast in the first place.

Mattalast stopped. He was probably searching for Alme who disappeared from his sight. While praying that he will somehow not find her, she laid down her body inside the garbage dump’s corner.

Mattalast kept looking for her. At that moment, a skinny dog appeared at the garbage dump. He growled when he saw Alme.

Go away, thought Alme. If you howl like that, he will hear you. Alme pulled out her sword and swung it so it would not make any sound. The dog died with a low growl.

At that moment, Mattalast came running. She was already heard. Alme ran away at full speed.



The enemy was much faster than her. Mattalast jumped in Alme’s path.

“…Who are you? If you’re from the Indulging God Cult, you have no reason to look for Lascall.”

Mattalast asked while pointing his gun’s muzzle at Alme’s forehead.

“Do you know about Lascall, bastard?”

A bullet came flying at Alme’s feet.

“Just answer the question.”

She thought of ways to defeat Mattalast. However, she couldn’t find any. No matter what she was going to do, Mattalast would predict it beforehand. There was a large gap in their power.

Don’t give up. I knew about our gap in the first place. Think. Find a way to escape this place…

“Don’t get into such a reckless battle. You should use your head a little bit more before fighting.”

Something changed. Did he give up trying to get information and was going to kill her without getting any answer?

At that moment, she felt a human presence behind Mattalast.

“Good grief, Alme.”

Mattalast’s expression changed. She could feel him mutter damn under his breath with her Sensory Threads.

“That bravery is your virtue, but your recklessness is a weakness.”

The man who stood behind slowly approached Mattalast’s back. Alme knew him. There was no way she wouldn’t.

“Well then, now that it became a pincer attack what will you do, Mattalast?”

“You’re probably aiming for the moment I shoot Alme.”

“Exactly. Even you will leave an opening when you attack.”

Mattalast didn’t look back. The muzzle pointed at Alme didn’t move.

“Alme, you can use this opening to escape. It should be possible with this opening.”

The man said.


Alme slowly retreated. Mattalast didn’t move. If he were to shoot the man behind him would use that opening. As soon as she got away from his line of sight, she ran away.

Alme murmured while running away.

“What are you doing, Overseer of Paradise?”


After seeing Alme off, Mattalast turned around.

“You seem to have it hard, Mattalast.”

The man behind him – the Overseer of Paradise – said.

“You let Alme escape. Mirepoc will become deeply involved in the matter. Aren’t you at your wits’ end?”

“…I won’t deny that.”

“Stop acting unreasonable, what will you do when Mirepoc uncovers Lascall’s identity?”

Mattalast pointed his gun at the Overseer of Paradise.

“Don’t be foolish. There’s no way she would be able to.”

Mattalast answered while staring at the man. A single man was definitely in front of him; that he could understand. However, he couldn’t understand anything else. Not his age, nor his face, nor his clothes. He couldn’t perceive anything. He could look at him but not see him.

“What kind of an ability is that?”

Mattalast asked. The man didn’t attack. He didn’t predict any future attack from him. The man was standing silently.

“An ability to manipulate the perception of people. I can freely control how other people perceive me. You can only recognize me as a single man – that is the current state of what you can see.”

The man readily revealed his own ability. There was no problem even if he were to reveal it.

“So you’re not necessarily even really there.”

“Exactly. You are correct.”

Mattalast predicted the next two seconds while gripping his pistol. He understood that he couldn’t kill him. Even if he were to shoot, the bullet would pass through the man’s body and fly behind him.

“I’ve heard about you but this is the first time we’ve met. Is Hamyuts well?”

“She’s having fun every day thanks to you lot. For only this I am thankful for you, Overseer of Paradise.”

Mattalast put strength into his finger.


Alme kept running for a long time. Did she manage to get away? She couldn’t feel Mattalast with her Sensory Threads. Alme lay her exhausted body on the road.

She couldn’t move for a while. She remained at place for about thirty minutes. She then noticed an approaching figure. There was no one around until then, but that man suddenly appeared.

“Are you fine, Alme?”

Alme answered with a question.

“Overseer of Paradise. What happened with Mattalast?”

“Who knows.”

The Overseer of Paradise shrugged. He couldn’t have possibly defeated that man, right? Since she couldn’t perceive his expression, she couldn’t read through him.

“What are you planning?”

“I saved you. You are a precious human resource. Even you know the Cult has a shortage of personnel.”

Alme smiled wryly.

“Do you have amnesia? I’m a traitor. Have you forgotten what I’ve done to the Indulging God Cult?”

The Overseer of Paradise put his hand to his chin.

“So, what have you done, I wonder?”

“…I Massacred the False Men.”

“We don’t need them anymore. This was actually good of you to kill them.”

“I deceived Winkeny in order to steal a Book.”

“It was a trivial matter.”

Alme instinctively grasped her sword lightly.

“It’s also my fault that the Armed Librarians are about to reach Lascall Othello’s identity.”

“There is no need to worry. Mirepoc will not be able to find the truth about Lascall.”

“And I’m also chasing after Lascall! It should be an act of treason against the Cult!”

The Overseer of Paradise raised a laughter that killed all tension.

“It’s also impossible for you. There’s no way for you to find out the truth about Lascall.”

Alme lost all words for a while. Were all of her actions that insignificant for this man?

“But even if we put all this together, there should be no reason to let me live! I’m no longer part of the Cult! Why are you letting me live?!”

The Overseer of Paradise said in a gentle voice,

“Because you are pitiful.”


“If a kitten were to fight a wolf, you would think of the kitten as pitiful. Even more so if that kitten believed it could win.”

Alme could not deny it. Not after the battle just now.

“…Don’t pity me.”

She still couldn’t forgive being pitied. Alme’s pride throbbed violently.

“That is a useless discussion. You are chasing after a foolish ideal and challenging a fight you have no chance to win. You are reckless, stupid, and pitiful beyond pity as a matter of course.”

“Shut up. Don’t sympathize with me.”

“Indeed, your figure when refusing sympathy can be nothing short of pitiful.”

The Overseer of Paradise said and then walked away. Alme saw him go while trembling in anger.

The Overseer of Paradise said I was reckless.

Certainly it would seem that way for an outsider. But what of it?

I don’t mind being reckless. I don’t need any allies. I don’t need anyone to understand me, I’ll just throw all of that to the dogs.

I will keep on fighting. I’ll keep on hating, killing, and scorning.

I won’t allow anyone to pity me. I will prove it by killing.


Around that time, Mattalast went back to Mirepoc’s place. She noticed that he acted a little strange, as if he was worried about something.

“Did something happen?”

“…No, it’s nothing.”

Mattalast averted his eyes from Mirepoc. Is there anything he can’t tell me? Thought Mirepoc.

Chapter 3: Memories of Heaven – Part 4

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