Volume 4 Death Toll

Let’s get this rolling

New characters introduced:

Alme, Parney, Zackie, Olt, Moodly, Kalon, Photona.

Characters who died:

Lascall (well, one body at least…), Alme, Parney, Zackie, Olt.

Volume 3 Death Toll: 66.666%

Total Death Toll: 66.666%


If we’re not counting the past, this time it was pretty light… though the general percentage just keeps on rising. Well, at least Mirepoc didn’t die.

And now we’re moving on to volume 5 – those who have seen the anime know Volken from the very beginning, but this will be his debut in the novel! How will he fare, I wonder…


Also, have some cute Mirepoc!

(Credit goes to おぐま of Pixiv)

Volume 4 Death Toll

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