Happy Anniversary!

Time sure flies… it’s been a year since I started this, huh?

It’s been quite fun and enriching for me, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it too.

With the current pacing… I guess we’ll be done in another year? A bit more probably.

To those who’ve been following this from an early stage, and even those who came here lately, and to future readers as well, I hope you will keep accompanying me in this journey.

For your support (and I count even a single page view as that), I offer the following words:

Thank you very much!

Happy Anniversary!

7 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Thank you for your work :3
    I’ve watched anime Tatakau shisho recently and I love it a lot. Then I found out this blog and your translations, I really happy since there are translations of its light novel.
    Hope that your work is smooth and this blog is more and more well-known


  2. Anonymous says:

    How can someone reply to such heartwarming comment when we are the ones that literally avail from your generous offer. Tgurneu I would really like to thank you from sacrificing your valuable time in order to offer us those magnificent translations of this amazing series. I’m wishing you all the best in real life and I hope that both you and us (readers) we’ll be able to see the completion of this project.

    Sincirely PK


  3. Tgurneu, thank you so much. I have bought all Tatakau Shisho light novel collection and I’m loving all that. One question: have you considered the idea of translating the Rokka no Yuusha – Archive 1: Don’t Pray to the Flower? You are such amazing!


    1. Glad you like this series and thank you too!
      Well, since the series is licensed now I’m pretty sure Archive 1 also counts… So I don’t know (also, I didn’t read it yet).
      We’ll see though, since I won’t translate anything else before I finish Tatakau Shisho anyway.
      (Speaking of RnY I wonder when Volume 7 will finally come out… it’s been a long time…)


  4. LoneSylph says:

    Thank you very much for translating this series. I may not comment often or generate many page views, mostly because I prefer to read finished volumes, but I do appreciate what you’re doing, a lot.


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