Chapter 1: Chance Meeting at Night – Part 3


During the same time, Volken was walking downtown. He had no goal in mind. He just wanted to relax.

He did act dignified while confronting Mattalast and the other Armed Librarians. However, he was merely hiding the anxiety in his heart. His trial was tomorrow. Volken predicted what was going to happen there.

‘Can you win against the Director?’

Mirepoc’s words resounded in his head.

He will win. That was what he said. But it was a lie. His chances of victory were zero.

Tomorrow, on top of Volken admitting that he stole Ückück, he will reveal the purpose of this crime. He did it so that he could impeach Hamyuts Meseta. It was to gather evidence of her misdeeds.

Hamyuts Meseta massacred the innocent Meats at Allow Bay. That was certain. There was evidence for that.

He will probably shock the Armed Librarians. It should increase the distrust they felt towards her.

However, Hamyuts Meseta will refute him thusly.

“It is true that I killed them. But they belonged to the Indulging God Cult. Even if they were kept powerless by them.

Well, there is certainly some humane problem just like you said, Volken, but that’s it.”

Hamyuts might receive some kind of punishment. But it will probably not go any further than that. She will remain in the position of Acting Director. And sooner or later she will enact her revenge on the rebellious Volken. Will he be exiled with a proper reason, or be executed in secret?

‘Don’t approach me.’

He said so to Mirepoc because he could see that result. He didn’t want to involve his reliable friend in this.


He muttered without thinking.

Volken aimed for what happened next. Why did Hamyuts kill the Meats? He will unveil her true reasons and present evidence for them. He had to thrust them in front of Hamyuts and the other Armed Librarians’ eyes.

For that purpose, he ran around collecting evidence.

For that purpose, he even took the reckless action of stealing the Spinning Doll Ückück.


At that moment, on the other side of the dark road, he found a figure. It was Hamyuts Meseta.


Hamyuts lightly greeted him. It was as if she felt no tension at all. She probably knew that he was no threat for her.

“Hey, could we talk a little?”

“I refuse.”

Volken always talked politely with his senior Armed Librarians, but Hamyuts was an exception. She sighed.

“I wonder what makes you hate me. Did I do anything to make you feel that way?”

“I told you we’ll speak tomorrow.”

“Say, why did you think of opposing me? Well, I do know that you hate me.”

“I became aware of your evil deeds. That is the only reason.”

“…What are you talking about?”

Hamyuts smiled and scratched at her head.

“This is only my conjecture, but you probably still haven’t gotten any evidence.”

He tried to conceal his agitation but couldn’t. His face changed colors.

“You probably know quite a lot, but not enough to corner me. It’s probably something like that.”

He was completely seen through. Volken gritted his teeth.

“Hey, don’t be like that. It’s not like I’m that angry. You can just give the Spinning Doll Ückück back, get along with me as you used to, and it’ll be fine.”

“No. I don’t want to forgive you.”

“Why do you hate me so much? How horrible.”

While she said so with her mouth, her eyes smiled. Her face indicated she enjoyed the rebellion of this young warrior from the bottom of her heart.

“Oh well. See you tomorrow.”

Saying only this, she left.

Volken stayed at that spot and looked up to the moon. The moon, that still not fully descended to the sky, was shining above Bantorra Library’s roof.

The real reason that made her kill those Meats… He still didn’t know what it was. He just couldn’t understand it.


Volken hit his palm with his fist.

He looked for a single woman. She knew the entire truth and held all the evidence. She was also the original owner of the Spinning Doll. However, he didn’t even know whether she was alive or dead.

Her name was Olivia Littolet. She was one of the Meats in the sunken ship.


Enlike was about to return to his house in the downtown area. However, he changed his mind and turned back.

He came back to Renas’s shop. She was still there, cleaning up the place.

“Oh, what’s wrong, Enlike-san?”

She seemed to be somewhat calmer than she had been when they separated. She also seemed to be mentally stable.

Enlike hesitated whether or not to say it.

“What’s wrong?”

He had a certain worry. In fact he might have been already late since long ago. Hasn’t most of Renas’s personality already vanished?

He spoke after a while of silence.

“I have something to ask. Who are you?”

Another silence lapsed. Enlike expected a reply like ‘what are you saying?‘. However, she betrayed his expectations.


Renas let out a strange voice. It took him a while to figure out it was laughter.

“What can I say? I don’t even know my own name yet.”

The tone of the calm Renas changed completely. She raised her voice in a noticeable manner at the ending of her words.

Her face had changed. Her usual facial expression, that of masking her grief with a smile, has vanished. Instead of it appeared a strange, warped smile. She laughed loudly with her cheeks bent, but her eyes were not laughing at all.

“Who am I, I wonder. Hey, Enlike, who do you think I am?”

Just like I thought, Enlike despaired.

“This is probably your original personality. Before Renas Fleur’s memories were implanted in you.

You completed your Magic Deliberation, pushed Renas’s personality away and came out.”

Renas – no, she sneered at him.

“Exactly. If you got it why did you come all the way here to ask me?”

“…Was it you who destroyed Renas?”

She smiled for a while as if asking what’s wrong.

“Hey, Enlike. To tell you the truth, I have to thank you. Ending up outside like this happened only now.”

“What do you mean?”

“Basically, because everyone around me was calling me Renas, she believed herself to be Renas. Her personality was destroyed long ago. It was you guys who kept supporting her.”

So, did that mean Enlike’s actions had the opposite effect?

“It’s exactly as you think. You destroyed Renas. You’re a terrible man, as expected from the Monster.”

With a crackle, sparks shot from Enlike’s fingers. She said something that she shouldn’t have.

“Oh my, are you going to attack? It’s fine. I don’t mind having your precious Renas die.”

She spread her arms and laughed. She knew Enlike couldn’t attack her.

She has horrible eyes, Enlike thought. They were the eyes of one who wouldn’t look at other people. The eyes of someone who wouldn’t even notice the death and misfortune of others.

Enlike knew them well. After all, he once had the same eyes.

“Ah, I’m so glad. I feel so refreshed. I was already at the limits of my patience. I was tired of this idiotic personality controlling me. I finally became myself again.”

“Do you hate Renas?”

“Yeah. I hate her. She was a stupid woman. A woman who did nothing and only sobbed.”

“I disagree about that.”

“Is that so. Oh well. Forget that stupid woman. She died long ago so it shouldn’t even matter.”

“I don’t think so.”

Enlike said. Renas was a respectable person. And the woman standing in front of him right now was not.

“I see. Really?”

She drew near to him.

“Whether you’re trying to protect her or whatever, don’t try any silly stuff.”

Saying so, she stood in front of Enlike. She was far too close. This wasn’t normally a distance for conversations.

“If we’re being honest, don’t you want something like this?”

She extended her hand. She put it behind his neck and slowly slid it down. Caressing his nape, she breathed around his collarbone.

“Isn’t this is what it’s all about? I can see through you.”

She glanced upwards at Enlike’s face. He had well-featured almond eyes. The tips of her breasts softly touched Enlike’s chest.

“It’s fine to be honest here.”

“I see. So let me be honest.”

Enlike said and shot sparks at her hand. He simply startled her; it was a lightning strike not powerful enough to leave any burn.


She jumped away from Enlike and caressed the back of her hand.

“What is it. Are you like some chaste maiden? Or are you still a child?”

Enlike thought she was an unpleasant woman more and more with every word she said. She kept grinning and talking to him.

“My bad. Hey, Enlike. Frankly speaking, I want you to help me.”

“Do you need help with anything?”

“I have something that I need to retrieve. I have to get it back no matter what.  As I am now, with no memories or allies, I cannot do anything.”

“And what’s that?”

“I can’t recall it yet. But it’s something important to me. I just call it that. If I don’t retrieve it, my life will have no meaning. It’s that much of an important thing.”


“Please. I’m really asking you. Weren’t we both Meats from the Indulging God Cult? Please help me.”

He thought that there’s no way she was trying to trick him. However, he had no intention of fulfilling her request.


Enlike said. He spoke in a loud voice once again.

“Renas Fleur!”

That woman said this before – by referring to her as Renas, Renas’s personality had been preserved. If so, then doing that should bring her personality back.

“Ah, I see. So that woman is more important to you than me.”

It seemed his speculation hit the mark. Her face distorted in anger.

“Renas Fleur!”

“Die, you piece of shit!”

As both of them spit out those words simultaneously, her body collapsed. After a moment, her expression changed. It became Renas’s familiar face. Enlike and she looked at each other. In front of his urging eyes she lowered her gaze apologetically.

“You’re aware of the situation.”


“Why didn’t you say so before? There should be some way.”

Renas stayed silent.

“Did you really know it would turn out like this?”

She nodded.

“Then why didn’t you do anything!”

Renas kept her head down.

“I’m sorry. Enlike-san. Please don’t get involved with me.”

“You’re the one who called me.”

“I just asked about the chants. I didn’t want you to do anything further.”


Renas didn’t say anything. Enlike waited for her to speak. Time passed along.

Enlike was the one to run out of patience first.

“That’s enough.”

Saying so, without attempting to disguise his anger at all, he left. It’s not my business. Do whatever suits you. He walked through downtown while thinking so.


Renas was left alone in her shop. The fact she made Enlike angry weighed heavily on her mind.

She needed to close the shop. She prepared doing so.

‘It worked out somehow. Well, I guess that’s enough for Enlike.’

She heard a voice in her head. These were her words. Her personality, lurking deep within Renas’s mind, rose to the surface to the extent she could clearly hold conversations with her.

Renas felt her mind. Right now, she was happy.

‘Something good happened after all. I just remembered it.’


‘I remembered it just now. The name of what I’m trying to retrieve.’

Although she was unable to recall her own name, she remembered the name of that. Renas understood how much of an important thing it was for her.

“What is it?”

‘Vend Ruga.’

She said. Renas didn’t know it. It sounded like a man’s name.

‘Vend Ruga. It’s Vend Ruga. Hey, Renas.’

She was in high spirits. Even Renas’s body felt like dancing.

Who was Vend Ruga? Why did she look for him? Renas had no idea. She probably had no idea either.

But Renas shared her feelings. When she thought of Vend Ruga it was nothing like a dream or a wish. It was more similar to hunger or thirst. A desire mad enough to blow away all reason. A desire strong enough that without it she would feel the world was hell.

To stop it there was probably no choice but to kill her. No, even if she were to die and became a Book she might still continue pursuing it. That desire was strong enough to imagine such an unrealistic event.

She was in high spirits. That horrible delight gave Renas goosebumps all over her body.


Volken still kept walking around downtown. By walking, he hoped to ease at least a small bit of his impatience and anger.

The person he was looking for… Olivia Littolet. He barely knew anything about her.

He knew that she was one of the Meats kept on the White Smoke. When Volken and the rest sank the ship, she had already been removed from it.

She was over 20 years old. She was a surprisingly beautiful woman.


Olivia Littolet was a very special Meat. Although Meats had their memories robbed, their personalities destroyed, and became dolls with no will of their own, she was undoubtedly a failed product.

Olivia was different.  With her flaming passions, as well as the calculated tactics that seemed cold enough to freeze one’s body, she rebelled against the Indulging God Cult.

Using the Memorial Weapon Spinning Doll Ückück, she led the Meats to an attack… in order to retrieve what was lost.

If Olivia was in good health, she surely was still fighting even now.  Her frightening passions will surely not disappear until her very life was exhausted.

“Where are you? If you’re alive, please come to me.”

She was surely looking at the moon. Where is Olivia? What is she doing? If Volken could speak to the moon, he would have probably called for her and asked about her. Why won’t you tell me? Even though you’re such a clear moon.

He suddenly stopped in place. Volken noticed that his feet brought him to one of Bantorra Library’s corners. What was ahead of him?


Renas left the shop and walked in an opposite direction from her house. She was pacing through a small path encircling the Library. People said that Mokkania used to walk in this path a lot before he confined himself in one of the Book Labyrinth’s corners.

Renas wanted to see her memories of Mokkania. This might be the last time she could immerse in her memories. She probably didn’t have much time to stay as herself.

Mokkania’s room had already been demolished. Everything he possessed, except for a few articles left for Renas, had been disposed of. This small path was the only remaining place that had Mokkania’s lingering scent.

However, keeping in mind the fact that he nearly drove the Library to extinction, this was a rather generous measure. It wouldn’t have been strange for them to erase all of his achievements and traces.


The entirety of Past God Bantorra’s Island was a gentle hill. On its summit was Bantorra Library, and by walking around that path, one could overlook the entirety of the town.

She was below the moonlight of the almost full moon. While walking around and thinking of Mokkania, while looking down on the town, she thought of various people who had been nice to her and to Mokkania.

It was a quiet farewell ritual. Towards her memories of Mokkania, towards the people who lived in Bantorra, and towards herself.


Suddenly, Renas noticed a figure walking across her. She could hear metallic sounds like those of heavy chains swinging around. Wondering if there was someone walking here during this hour, she stood still.


In front of Volken was the path surrounding Bantorra Library.

In this place that had nothing special he ended up feeling sentimental.

He ran around here hundreds of times while building up his stamina. In front of him his senior Vizac ran, and behind him Mirepoc and Luimon followed, out of breath.

I saw Mattalast-san slacking off here. He practiced his trombone and was talking to a girl. The girl was a different one every time I saw him.

Mokkania-san seemed gloomy while walking around here. Thinking about it, I could feel something dangerous from him starting from then.

What am I thinking about? Volken thought. What will being sentimental help me with? Isn’t it like I’m saying goodbye to Bantorra?

“…Yes, that’s how it is.”

In fact, the possibility was high.

For Volken, Bantorra Library was not a mere workplace. He spent most of his life there. It was unbearably sad for him to leave.

He suddenly noticed there was someone walking in front of him. Who was that? At this hour?

He saw that she was a woman with long hair. As soon as he identified her face, Volken stopped in place.


Volken and Renas stopped face to face.

No person in the world could have predicted this meeting. Neither Winkeny who created her, nor Locolo who brought her to Bantorra, nor Mokkania who died saving her, nor Hamyuts who sheltered her.

Not even Volken who called for her to come to Bantorra. Probably not even Lascall Othello who guided stories and people.

No one had predicted their meeting. That meeting at that time was a complete and utter coincidence, unplanned by anyone.

Volken opened his mouth.

“…Is this an illusion?”

Renas couldn’t fathom what he said.

“No, this cannot be. Yes, this simply cannot be.”

Volken grabbed at his chest. His heart rate was jumping. He first doubted his eyes and then doubted if this was even reality.

“Who are you?”

Renas said. Volken didn’t answer. His mind was too occupied to reply. After a while, his heartbeats calmed, and he opened his mouth.

“…Are you Olivia?”

Renas’s face froze.

“Are you Olivia… Olivia Littolet?”

Volken obviously did not know of Renas’s current situation. He also couldn’t notice the big change taking place inside her mind. Until now two personalities resided within the same flesh. Their balance has collapsed. At that instant, Renas Fleur has completely ceased being Renas Fleur.

“…Yes, that is my name.”

She – no, Olivia Littolet – said.

“I finally recalled it. That is my name.”

Olivia approached Volken.

“You, who knew my name… who are you?”

“Volken. I’m the Armed Librarian Volken Macmani. I know about you. I’d like to borrow your power.”

Olivia nodded and answered.

“I am Olivia Littolet. I don’t know who you are, but I’d like to borrow your power.”


The following day…

The Armed Librarians were shaken by the news that Volken Macmani escaped Bantorra Library. The fact that Renas had also disappeared was hidden behind it and did not attract attention. Barely anyone noticed the relation between the two disappearances.

Chapter 1: Chance Meeting at Night – Part 3

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