Chapter 2: Tradition of Justice – Part 1

The sound of heavy bells echoed throughout Past God Bantorra’s Island. Despite the fact that night hadn’t passed yet, the Armed Librarians have gathered one after another at Bantorra Library. Normal librarians were shouting at the entrance that the lending of Books will be paused for today.

Mirepoc who was the one to call everyone hurriedly ate her breakfast and rushed to the Library. Next to her ran the Armed Librarian Kalne.

“Mirepoc, is it true that he ran away?”

“I don’t understand it, but, that is undoubtedly true.”

Kalne’s face contorted in anger.

“Was I a fool lending ears to his speech yesterday? What was that? Why did he say he will protect justice and then run away?”

Kalne complained. Although it was didn’t have anything to do with Mirepoc.

“I don’t know. Frankly, I have no idea what’s going on.”

“I feel the same.”

Mattalast joined them then.

“Mattalast-san, what’s going on?”

Mattalast shrugged as if saying ‘even if you ask me I have no idea’.

“Well, his speech yesterday was probably a bluff. He wanted to agitate us so that we would avert our gaze from his betrayal.

Were you two deceived? Don’t tell me that you think he really didn’t betray us.”

“That’s true.”

Kalne nodded.

“If he tried impeaching Hamyuts I would have become Volken’s ally… shit, he tricked me.”

Mirepoc cut in the conversation with an objection.

“But I still can’t understand. Because I can’t even understand why he would run away.”

“If you truly consider the situation it should be obvious. What are you saying at this stage?”

Mattalast was blunt.

“But he…”

Mirepoc gritted her teeth. Why did he run away? Why would he do something that made his situation worse? She couldn’t understand any of it.

At that moment she noticed the figure of Enlike walking in front of them. In contrast to the three people who were hurrying ahead, he walked slowly and yawned.

“Enlike-kun. Will you come with us as well?”

“That’s my intention.”

He replied.

“That man ran away.”


Listening to Mattalast’s words, Enlike was clearly thinking about something. Mirepoc couldn’t guess his thoughts.


During the same time, Volken was far away from Bantorra, flying northwest. His destination was his headquarters. It was a Book mine called Dalai Mine located in the Straile Republic. In normal times, it was Volken’s job to manage it.

The two were riding an old-fashioned flying boat. Volken was the pilot. Olivia was sitting behind him. Because it was an old aircraft it couldn’t fly too fast or high. It could also not conduct an aerial fight against a new plane, and couldn’t land on the ground. It was inconvenient, but they couldn’t complain about luxury in this situation.

“Bantorra will probably make their move soon.”

Olivia said. Volken thought the same. He worked to camouflage their escape, but it would probably be discovered soon.

They’re all probably angry, thought Volken. After making a bold speech yesterday he just ran away. Perhaps I shouldn’t have run away, he now had his regrets.

However, he had no choice. He could only act this way.

Volken recalled what happened the previous night.


Volken rejoiced at his meeting with Olivia as if it was a miracle.

But it soon turned into disappointment. Because he then came to know the reason Olivia was in Bantorra and the fact that she hadn’t regained any of her memories.

So she could not become a witness for tomorrow’s trial. There was no point to meeting her.

“I am trying to retrieve my memories using Magic Deliberation. So, just hang on for a while.”

Could he really wait for it? In any case, they left the path they met on and went downtown to think about what measures they should take.

At that time, they encountered Enlike. This was Volken’s second time and Olivia’s third time meeting him that night. He seemed to be worried about Renas.

When she noticed Enlike, Olivia told him to hide in a hushed voice. They would certainly seem suspicious. Volken used his ability to hide himself.

“Are you still Renas?”

Enlike spoke to her.

“Yes. It should be fine for a while longer.”

Olivia pretended to be Renas.

“I contacted a Magic hospital. The appointment is for tomorrow but you should go right away.”

“…That would be troubling.”

“Stop your bad acting. It makes me sick.”

He immediately saw through her. Even if she smiled, she couldn’t fake her slight tone change and subtle expressions.

“I see, hmm, how troubling.”

Volken lurked in the darkness and listened to their conversation.

“By the way, is your name Olivia Littolet?”

Olivia splendidly hid her surprise.

“It’s not. I still haven’t recalled my name, but I would if I hear it.”

“I see.”

Enlike was thinking about something.

“So what about that Olivia?”

“A long while ago Hamyuts asked me about her. She asked if I know a woman called Olivia. I said I didn’t.”

“And what of it?”

“…I was asked to kill her if she was alive.”

At that instant, Olivia turned around and ran off. Enlike tried chasing after her. However, Volken’s Dancing Blade stabbed in front of him.

Volken and Enlike faced each other. Volken drew out the Dancing Blade on his back. Blue sparks were emitted from Enlike’s fingertips.

He knew that Enlike was stronger than him. Volken would probably win only one or two out of ten battles.

“Don’t fight a pointless battle.”

Enlike said.

“I don’t plan on listening to Hamyuts’s request. I hate that woman.”

Volken believed his words. He retrieved his Dancing Blade. Enlike picked up the Dancing Blade at his feet and returned it to Volken.

“Your circumstances have nothing to do with me. Olivia also has nothing to do with me. Suit yourself.”

“Understood. Thank you very much.”

Enlike turned his back to them.

“I am merely a bystander here. I think that’s good enough, but it also sometimes feels silly.”

Since she noticed she wasn’t being chased, Olivia returned. She saw Enlike off.

“Olivia-san. I have decided our course of action.”

“Is that so.”

“Let us escape. Hamyuts will come to erase you by any means possible.”

They both nodded at each other and started running.


When Mirepoc and the rest entered the conference room, nearly all the Armed Librarians at the Library gathered inside.

“You’re late, you guys.”

Hamyuts said, a piece of chalk in her hand. Several figures and instructions were written on the blackboard.

“I’ve already given the orders. Now it’s only time for questions.”

Mirepoc and the rest sat down in vacant chairs. Enlike stood in a corner of the room, crossing his arms.

“I see. So what’s my job?”

Mattalast asked.

“I will explain it in order.”

A world map was affixed to the wall. Hamyuts pointed at one point.

“First of all, Volken escaped at midnight yesterday. He used the flying boat that he brought here. We received information from Ismo’s shipping company that he was flying northwest.”

“Northwest, huh. That means his headquarters.”

Hamyuts nodded and continued the explanation.

“Yeah, Volken had until now managed Dalai Mine. He’s most likely headed there.”

“What is his goal?”

“Unknown. We have also received information that he has passengers, but it is unconfirmed.”

“I see… and what is our move?”

Hamyuts removed her hand from the map and took a seat.

“There’s a high chance it’s only a diversion. Since we’re sending out our main force from Bantorra Library, they might plan on striking our base.”

“I see, so it’s like what happened during the Monster incident.”

“And because of that, we send out the minimum fighting forces. For the time being I will go alone.”

“And then?”

“You guys protect the Library. Suspend today’s work and be extremely vigilant.”

“That’s it? I have the feeling it’s not enough against Volken.”

Hamyuts grinned.

“Since Mattalast is such a worrywart, I plan on taking another person. Mirepoc.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Mirepoc stood up.

“Notify old lady Ireia who’s already been deployed. Tell her to hurry to Dalai Mine and attack Volken. There is no need to hold back. Promptly obliterate him.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“And while you’re at it, I believe that the Spinning Doll Volken stole is also somewhere in there. Tell her to also find it.”

“…Yes ma’am.”

Mirepoc spoke in a slightly choked voice. Hamyuts easily noticed it and told her off.

“Oh, is something the matter? It’s fine, you can tell me.”

“No, it’s nothing.”

Hamyuts glared at Mirepoc with a smile and kept talking.

“Next also notify master Vizac. Tell him to pursue Volken. Because his chances of winning are low if it’s Volken, tell him it’s fine to just keep him at bay.”

“…Yes ma’am.”

Mirepoc closed her eyes and sent her thoughts. The two Armed Librarians started moving and returned their thoughts.

“Well then, I also need to leave immediately. I leave the rest to you, Mattalast.”

“Got it.”

Hamyuts rose and once again looked into Mirepoc’s eyes.

“Oh right, Mirepoc. Have you talked with Volken about something?”

Mirepoc flatly shook her head.

“No, I have called to him, but he hasn’t replied.”

“…Okay. See ya.”

Hamyuts opened the window and jumped out. She ran on top of the roof and headed for the airfield.


Mirepoc muttered in her heart.


They were already halfway to Dalai Mine. But they couldn’t be careless. The most cutting-edge aircraft used at Bantorra was flying after them. It would be good if they could have taken that airplane, but they would have been found out.

Besides, Ireia’s group was deployed at the Indulging God Cult facility in the Kuler Region. They had to take into account pursuit from them as well.

No matter where they looked they were surrounded by enemies. There were only three people who weren’t his enemies right now. Olivia, sitting behind him, was his ally. Since Enlike overlooked their escape he wasn’t their enemy.

In addition, Volken had another ally. He closed his eyes and listened to the words of that ally.

‘And that’s it for our situation.’

Volken opened his eyes. His final ally was Mirepoc. Just now he asked her about the movements of the Armed Librarians.

‘…Mirepoc. I’m sorry.’

Volken muttered this in his mind without thinking.

‘Volken, let me just say this. This isn’t for your sake. If you have truly betrayed us, I will not hesitate to kill you. I will say only this.’

‘I understand.’

Mirepoc was that kind of person. That was why she was reliable.

‘However, even now I believe that what you’re doing is not wrong. I want to believe that much in you if possible.’

‘…Thank you.’

‘I will cut off the Thought Sharing now. Good luck.’

And so it ended.

Volken involuntarily made a broad smile. Rather than the information conveyed to him by Mirepoc, he was happy at her trust of him. This helped him reaffirm his actions weren’t wrong.

“Is your conversation done?”

“Yeah. We’ll probably manage somehow.”

Volken said to Olivia in the rear seat. The amount of their pursuers was unexpectedly small. He was fortunate that they have mistaken it to be diversionary tactics employed by the Indulging God Cult.

The danger of being overtaken by Hamyuts was small. They were already far away. He will probably fight with Vizac, but he would most likely beat him if it’s one-on-one.

The problem was Ireia. She was heading for Volken’s headquarters in Dalai Mine. However, this wasn’t his destination. He had moved the Spinning Doll Ückück to a hiding place thirty kilometers removed from there. It was a measure against it being taken away by Hamyuts or one of her subordinates, and it seemed to work.

“We can do it, Olivia-san.”

Volken muttered.

“Now, how’s your memory retrieval?”


It sure turned out strange, thought Olivia.

My goal is to restore my memories. Vend Ruga… I still can’t remember anything else but that name, and I have nothing else important to retrieve. I couldn’t care less about Hamyuts and the rest.

My existence and Hamyuts Meseta… How are we related?

Oh well. Anyhow, this man’s my ally. He’s working to protect me. That much is enough.

“Say, Volken-kun. Where are we going to now?”

Olivia inquired.

“To a hut about thirty kilometers away from Dalai Mine. I hid a Book and the Spinning Doll Ückück there.”


Olivia’s heart rustled. That idiotic name sounded familiar to her. What was it? She thought while holding her head.

“It is one of the Memorial Weapons. It used to belong to you.”

“…I get the feeling it’s true. But I can’t remember it.”

“If possible please remember it.”

“I’m making an effort.”

Olivia distorted her lips into a smile.

“But aren’t I a strange woman as well?”

Olivia murmured. The one piloting in front, Volken, turned around.

“Aren’t I the only person in history to be involved in the rebellion of an Armed Librarian twice? Well, the first time hadn’t been me, though.”

Volken spoke with slight discomfort.

“This isn’t a rebellion. I’m fighting to restore the Armed Librarians’ justice.”

“Hmm, justice you say?”

I have nothing to do with it and I don’t care. I just want to retrieve it. She wanted irreplaceable treasure stolen by the Indulging God Cult back. Olivia didn’t yet know what it was at all.


Hamyuts’s airplane traversed the skies and plunged towards the northwest. Below her, the Armed Librarians were preparing for an attack.

“So we’re house-sitting again. What do you think, Enlike-kun?”

Mattalast said. He sat atop the billiard table in the reception hall and polished his cue.

“I don’t care. I already stopped fighting in the first place.”

“Well, I guess that’s fine.”

Mattalast hit the white ball. It collided with five balls and caused the fourth of them to fall into a pocket. He was a man of varied interests, but was expectedly good at billiards.

“By the way, I’ve wanted to ask, what is the Spinning Doll Ückück?”

“Do you not know? We also have one at Bantorra Library, do you want to see it?”

Mattalast said while aiming for another ball.

“Isn’t it valuable?”

“Out of all Memorial Weapons, the Spinning Doll Ückück is ranked the lowest. An ancient Magician made replicas and there should now be eleven of them in the world. It isn’t so valuable.

However, Ückück contains infinite possibilities. It isn’t very useful, but depending on its usage it might possess the strongest power.”

“And what is that power?”

“Right… as an example, your ability is to freely control lightning, but if you were able to concentrate it entirely on one point, wouldn’t you be able to use an outrageous amount of power?”

Mattalast’s explanation was thorough but roundabout.

“It certainly would. What of it?”

“Think about it further. If several people were to add their powers and conduct a Magic Deliberation together, wouldn’t they be able to use even stronger lightning? One about enough to destroy Bantorra Library with a single blow.”

Theoretically it could be true. But that was impossible. Magic Rights are individual. I never heard about people using a single Magic together. At that point, he finally understood what Mattalast was explaining to him.

“Several people using Magic together… is that the power of the Spinning Doll Ückück?”

“You’re a fast learner. Exactly.”

Mattalast polished the billiard cue.

“Spinning Doll Ückück is in fact an impractical weapon. Utilizing it requires many people to conduct Magic Deliberation over several years.

Furthermore, even when they master the Magic Right after all these years, it can only be used once. They are only able to use Magic once and then have nothing to do.

It’s too hard to use.”

“And in exchange for that, if they do use it they achieve tremendous power.”

Mattalast nodded.

“The Ückück Volken had stolen has enough of a Magic Right to activate inside. He just needs the person who put their Magic Right inside to invoke it.”

“What kind of a Magic Right was inside of it?”

“That we do not know. We’d have to ask the one who conducted that Magic Deliberation.”

Mattalast hit a ball. With the second collision, all balls on the table dropped into the pockets.

Chapter 2: Tradition of Justice – Part 1

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