Fragment: Lingering Scent of Violet

“Olivia has survived?”

Even the Overseer of Paradise couldn’t hide his surprise. He dropped the chess piece in his hand and rose from his chair.

“Probably because of Hamyuts. She must have toyed around with her and let her run away…”

“You idiot.”

The Overseer of Paradise denied it. That couldn’t be.

It was probably the result of the many people who have helped her and an unbelievable amount of luck. Still, he couldn’t believe that Hamyuts let her slip. Even a miracle could not defeat her.

“Also, for some reason, the Meats are making a fuss. The False Men tried suppressing them but they’re helpless. We also have a limited amount of the water of Argax…”

“I don’t care.”

The Overseer of Paradise crushed the chess piece in his hand. It cracked as if it was about to explode.

“If they’re able to suppress them then let them. If they can’t, then kill them, let them escape or whatever. We have no need for the Meats anymore.”

The Overseer of Paradise stood up.

“Leave Olivia be for now. We will have to get rid of her sooner or later, but now is the time to devote everything to our fight with the Armed Librarians.”

The time was approaching. The preparations made in order to destroy the Armed Librarians were almost done.

“The end of our long subservience is near. We will surpass the Armed Librarian and Heaven will surpass the Library.”

The Overseer of Paradise shook off Olivia out of his mind. He then started giving thought to the approaching decisive battle instead.


Night passed. At the middle of a railroad passing the grasslands, Olivia was inside a small station that had no roof. Holding a single paper bill she found, she was waiting for the train.

It would not come until that day’s noon. She was sitting there with an empty stomach.

“Olivia Littolet-sama.”

As Olivia turned around, she noticed a boy that came there without her noticing. He was probably around 13 years old. He had blonde hair and wore mourning clothes. She had a good enough intuition to tell whether he was an enemy or an ally with a single glance.

By staring at the boy’s face she understood. He was neither enemy nor ally.

“My name is Lascall Othello. I am one who grants the tales interrupted in the middle a proper continuation.”

The boy bowed.

“Once, there was a single True Man.

She was a kind-hearted girl who wanted to grant a conclusion to Heaven’s tale. However, her story ended in the middle by the hands of the Armed Librarians and the Indulging God Cult. The Violet Sinner… that was how she was called.”

Olivia listened in silence.

“Vend Ruga once fought for the Violet Sinner. He was that story’s final survivor. And you have the lingering scent of that story.”


“I will not stop you from boarding a train and going to a place unrelated to them all. However, if you could grant the story of Vend Ruga a continuation, I will support you.”

“You’re so roundabout I can’t really understand. Are you telling me to fight instead of Vend Ruga?”

“I am not telling you to fight at all. I am asking whether you will fight or not.”

Olivia thought quietly.

“I have nothing already. I cannot do anything.”

Lascall Othello replied.

“What you can do and which powers you possess are but trivial. You proved it with your life. I am speaking with you because you did.”

Olivia stood up.

“I will never forget Vend Ruga. This promise alone I will not break.”


“Please tell me. Tell me about Vend Ruga… and about his fight. Also, while we’re at it, what can you do for me?”

Lascall smiled sweetly.


The number of pawns on the chessboard has decreased. Black was the Indulging God Cult. White was the Armed Librarians. The time for their decisive fight was approaching.

At that time, no one yet knew that a small Violet-colored pawn has appeared on the board.

Fragment: Lingering Scent of Violet

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