Volume 5 Afterword

Hello everyone. This is Yamagata Ishio.

I deliver unto you the fifth installment of the Tatakau Shisho series, “Tatakau Shisho to Tsuisou no Majo”. This is my longest work until now, but I hope you have enjoyed it.

It’s been about ten years since I started writing novels, but this is the first time I’ve experienced something.  As usual, I got stuck in the middle of writing. As I told before, I would usually sip some coffee or confine myself in the toilet to refine my ideas, but this time it had no effect. The deadline was steadily approaching.

In such timing, I suddenly woke up one night. As I tried thinking about why I had woken up, some kind of weird idea came floating into my mind.

The human brain seems to continue its work even as we’re sleeping. I heard that creative pros constantly look for new ideas even while resting or sleeping. So for those who are professional, having ideas float into their minds while they’re sleeping is probably natural.

Thinking that I was approaching that kind of level, this event made me very happy.

From now on, I think I will try to snuggle under my blanket the next time my mind gets stuck. However, simply by speaking of this there’s no doubt that the editor, who always works on proofreading my typos and omitted letters without a moment of sleep, will double slap me with sparks flying from his eyes.  Therefore, I swore in my heart to keep this a secret from only him.

As it was, this time I had also received the help of plenty of people. The illustrator Maeshima Shigeki-sama, my editor, those of the editorial department, I would like to use this opportunity to offer my gratitude.

And to you the readers. Let us meet again in my next work.

Yamagata Ishio

Volume 5 Afterword

3 thoughts on “Volume 5 Afterword

  1. rxls says:

    Tgurneu thanks as always for your amazing translations and the completion of another volume. I wonder if you could update the ToC of volume 5 with Afterwords’ link


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