Volume 7 Afterword

Hello everyone. This is Yamagata Ishio. How was the seventh installment of the Tatakau Shisho series, “Tatakau Shisho to Kyougensha no Utage”? I’ll be happy if you have enjoyed it.


The other day I had a dream. I dreamt about a mansion that was on fire. I ran around with a bucket in one hand, desperately trying to extinguish it. Just when I thought I was lucky it was only a small fire and managed to save the mansion, I woke up. I went to check up on it in a dream fortune-telling site, and it said that “a dream about a fire – good omen: you will obtain tremendous fortune”.

No particular good fortune came afterwards. I feel like I had a great loss.


This time as well I will use this opportunity to thank Maeshima Shigeki-sama, who drew the wonderful illustrations, and everyone involved who cooperated with me. Let us work together again.

Well then, readers, let us meet again in my next work.


Yamagata Ishio

Volume 7 Afterword

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