The End

…Or is it?

First, Volume 10 downloads.

pdf | epub


Wow, this was quite the journey. It was difficult yet fun at the same time.

So, yeah, the series is finally finished! (Technically there should be some side stories like mentioned in the afterword but I have no idea how to get those, so at least for now…)

This doesn’t mean everything is over, though. For one, even while translating I edited everything like a bazillion times and if I go back, especially to the early volumes, I’ll probably facepalm over many embarassing mistakes… In addition there are some terms, names and such that I consider changing.

So my plan is to sometime go over the entire thing again and publish a “completed” version. This obviously won’t happen anytime soon and shouldn’t worry any of you reading this now.

It would also be nice if someone who’s actually decent at graphic design help me with the character pages and such, haha…


And now that Tatakau Shisho is over… what’s next? (No rest for the weary)

I decided to now work on what is probably my favorite light novel. It has been translated before, but the project was sort of abandoned/stalled indefinitely. Recently someone else picked it up again and so I decided to join forces with them. In fact, I might have already translated an entire volume and started working on another… whoops?

Oh, right, forgot to tell you the title. It’s Mushi Uta! It’s something quite different from Tatakau Shisho but I do recommend it! (Though if you liked the dynamic plot structure with many different viewpoints and the high mortality rate,  Mushi Uta has some of that too)


And so we it ends. This will probably be the last post here at least for a long while. I’ll still be checking the site so you’re free to leave comments and such.

My main reason for translating this novel was because I like it, but thank you so much for all the support throughout the years! As well as to future readers, of course!





The End

7 thoughts on “The End

  1. Interesting to see that you chose another completed novel, I have complete faith in your taste and am certain it is excellent . Though I would follow it either way as TLs like you are rare.
    Thanks again for completing the series !
    And I am looking forward to more Mushi Uta .


  2. Dainpdf says:

    Oh. I missed this post! Will give Mushi Uta a try. You seem to have excellent taste, after all. Or at least one that matches mine.


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