Fragment: In the Bedroom of the God Awaiting Happiness

In some unknown place of the world a lone girl was standing.

Several Books were in front of her.

Cigal Crukessa. Ganbanzel Grof. Parney Parlmanta.

Those who have aimed for the perfect happiness. They abandoned all of their doubts, shook off their worldly thoughts, and kept seeking happiness.

Winkeny. Locolo. Alme. Zackie. Olt.

Those who, in order to reach Heaven – or perhaps for their own convictions – have served the Indulging God Cult. They devoted their utmost efforts so that their True Men would be able to achieve the perfect happiness.

It was all for the Cult. And for Heaven.

“Well then.”

Lascall started speaking.

Towards what was there.

Towards the absolute secret that only those at the top of the Armed Librarians and those at the top of the Cult knew of.

Towards the root of the conflict that made the Armed Librarians and the Indulging God Cult kill each other.

Towards the place that even in this world – where dead people became Books and were then stored in the Library – none may enter.

Lascall spoke towards Heaven.

“Now then, o God. O foolish person who arrogantly uses the name of God.”

God did not reply.

“Until you obtain the perfect happiness, your story shall not have an ending.”

God did not reply.

“However, do you not think that a perfect happiness does not exist in this world?”

God did not reply.

“Will the day come when your story will reach its end?”

God did not reply. God simply waited in silence. Waited for the moment that a perfect happiness will be brought forth.

“I will be looking forward for the ending of your story.”

Lascall Othello bowed, vanished and went away.

Fragment: In the Bedroom of the God Awaiting Happiness

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